Attorney Services (for Los Angeles Region)

The Key to Reliable, Cost-Efficient Filing, Process Serving, Subpoenas and Couriers

 A law firm optimizes client service – and profitability – by focusing on what it does best: practicing law. Since 1993, Keystone has been providing the ancillary services that are essential to your practice – yet not a good use of firm resources. Our attorney services include Court Filing; Service Processing; Subpoena Solutions; and Couriers.

eFile and Court Service

We offer both physical and eFiling into all available electronic portals in California. Our National Concierge Filing service gives us easy access to courts all the United States.

Service of Process

Our network of process servers – locally and internationally – can help you serve process anytime, anywhere. We regularly conduct service of process for summons & complaints; bank levy; wage garnishments; and writ of attachments.

Records Retrieval and Depo Officer

Whatever your user base, and whether you are receiving civil demands, grand jury subpoenas, or national security process, we can create solutions to fit your needs.

Courier Services

When you need to get physical documents delivered quickly and with confidence, our large network of couriers is ready to assist.

Unlock the possibilities - with Keystone.

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