Attorney Managed Review

The Key to Reducing Your Discovery to a Manageable Load

 Document review can be the most costly, time-consuming and overwhelming portion of a matter. Decisions made at this stage can make or break your case. Some firms will unleash an army of associates on the review task. But for those seeking to control costs – or for boutique firms lacking manpower resources – our attorney managed review services offer an effective solution.

Keystone has worked on electronic and hard copy reviews that span a wide variety of case types, industries, geographies and languages. We can work with any software platform, and regularly collaborate with law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies.

 We can handle small reviews of 2,500 documents or very large reviews of over a million documents.  Rates are hourly or priced per document to help you meet budget goals.
 Our comprehensive pre-review checklist reduces delays, re-work and retraining while increasing speed, ensuring quality and reducing cost.
 We can work with a host of e-discovery platforms for document review

Incredible Breadth of Experience

We can conduct electronic and hard copy reviews across many case types, including:

 Breach of Contract
 Class Actions
 Corporate Compliance
 Government Investigations
 Intellectual Property
 Labor and Employment
 Mergers & Acquisitions
 Patent Disputes
 Product Liability

Industries We Serve

 Computer Software & Hardware
 Financial Services
 Food & Beverage
 Health Care
 Real Estate
 Sports & Entertainment

Unlock the possibilities - with Keystone.