Early Case Assessment

The Key to Estimating Risk and Guiding Case Strategy…Using Artificial Intelligence

 What are your case’s most relevant issues? What should you budget for e-discovery management? What’s your client’s potential liability?

These are some of the main questions that Early Case Assessment – ECA – can address. ECA is essential to calculating real numbers to a litigation’s cost—so you can determine the best possible approach.

Keystone works closely with leading ECA providers to nail down the essentials of your case. We use cutting-edge technologies – including to define case parameters. Our process includes:

Custodian Interviews -- Interviews with employees in possession of potentially relevant documents are a great way to define scope, determine who’s involved, where and how much data is involved, and whether there are any especially important documents that could ultimately impact the litigation.
Data Analytics -- using artificial intelligence, our data analytics process turns raw data into useful information. We can generate reports that capture data volumes, custodian names, date ranges, email domains, key concepts, and other insights into large data Data analytics can also answer quantitative questions (how much stuff is out there?) as well as qualitative ones (is there a smoking gun?). The data analysis and reports can be used by counsel to make informed decisions regarding the best course of action.
Data Sampling -- Data sampling lets you draw accurate conclusions about entire data sets by examining a representative subset of documents. Accurate data sampling addresses concerns over sample sizes, confidence rates, and margins of error.
Reporting -- Reporting helps you digest key figures, trends, and other actionable information. For example, a report might show that e-discovery costs far outweigh the monetary value of the case. Reports facilitate sharing information with other parties, and provide a historical record of activities for after-the-fact review and analysis.

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