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The Key to Consolidating & Streamlining All Your Discovery Needs

 One of the greatest logistical challenges corporate counsel face is juggling the many litigations that might be active at given time. Different workflows, different databases (depending on which firm or firm location is working a case) can confound your team, making it difficult to understand where things stand…and where costs are running out of control.

Keystone offers a full range of discovery services for corporate legal departments and law firms. Just as important, we can streamline your discovery supply chain to mitigate risk and complexity, and give you real time accounting of where budgets stand, so you can control costs and get the best work from your legal team. By consolidating your discovery activities on a unified platform, Keystone helps you:

 Check redundancies
 Secure all case data in a single place, with fewer access points and more consistent security protocols
 Standardize workflow to facilitate the creation of consistent work product
 Enjoy greater visibility into discovery costs with a unified dashboard, so you can quickly change direction should costs/developments merit new approaches

Legal Hold Solutions

Managing legal holds is an onerous – but necessary – task to avoid the spoliation of potentially relevant discovery documents. In the early stages of coordinating legal holds, email and spreadsheets may seem up to the task. But oftentimes, such ad hoc systems can be overwhelmed as magnitude of required holds balloons. Keystone can greatly streamline your legal hold process, using state-of-the-art software systems designed exclusively for creating, distributing and tracking activities.

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Forensic Data Collections

In today’s business climate, a majority of discovery documents exist initially (and sometimes only) in electronic format. Unlocking this invaluable evidence source can make or break your case. Keystone can rapidly and cost-effectively convert electronically stored information into a reviewable format, without jeopardizing chain-of-custody or risking spoliation. Using data forensics can also help you gather evidence from a host of devices that utilize hard drives and flash storage, even if it seems to have been deleted or otherwise masked. All data is gathered in a manner that maintains chain of custody so it’s admissible in court. Forensics can also be used to collect information from social media applications like Facebook, and information stored in the Cloud.

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Early Case Assessment

What are your case’s most relevant issues? Who are the key players? What should you budget for e-discovery management? What’s your client’s potential liability? These are some of the main questions that Early Case Assessment – ECA – can address. ECA is essential to calculating real numbers to a litigation’s cost—so you can get your hands around a case before you engage outside counsel. Keystone works closely with leading ECA providers to nail down the essentials of your case. We use Artificial Intelligence technologies to define case parameters—this can help you save from 20 to 50% on the discovery costs! Our process includes:

 Custodian Interviews
 Human Resource Investigations
 Data Analytics
 Data Sampling

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Attorney Managed Review

Document review can be the most costly, time-consuming and overwhelming portion of a matter. Decisions made at this stage can make or break your case. Some firms will unleash an army of associates on the review task. But for those seeking to control costs – or for boutique firms lacking manpower resources – our attorney managed review services offer an effective solution.

Keystone has experience with electronic and hard copy reviews spanning a wide variety of case types, industries, geographies and languages. We can work with any software platform, and regularly collaborate with law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies.

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Cybersecurity Services

Data breaches can wreak havoc on complex litigations, derail M&A negotiations and impact company reputations. Incidents are on the rise. Working closely with leading digital forensics experts, Keystone provides a host of services to help you reduce cybersecurity risks before there’s a breach. Our team of experts will closely collaborate with your internal security, IT and legal teams to identify the issues, determine the cause and level of seriousness involved with the incident/breach and recommend remediation steps. Services include:

 Cybersecurity M&A Due Diligence
 Cybersecurity Managed Services
 Cybersecurity Audits

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