eDiscovery Culling and Hosting

The Key to turning raw data into serviceable information.

 In today’s business climate, a majority of discovery documents exist initially (and sometimes only) in electronic format. Unlocking this invaluable evidence source can make or break your case.

Keystone can rapidly and cost-effectively convert electronically stored information into a reviewable format, without jeopardizing chain-of-custody or risking spoliation. We work with your team to establish a review process to expeditiously classify key evidence. Then we assemble the right mix of technology to manage your data and fit into your workflow, so you can focus on what you do best…and save the significant up-front costs of buying and maintaining your own expensive e-discovery software. Keystone can also host your case data on a number of industry standard platforms so your discovery documents are available to all relevant parties, anywhere, anytime. If you’re looking to control costs and integrate all aspects of your eDiscovery operations, look no further than Keystone.

Flexible Hosting Options

Keystone can provide you with defensible, cost-effective, and comprehensive cloud hosting and review solutions. 

 Search, organize and analyze documents anywhere
 Project managers with expertise on industry leading platforms monitor your matter from start to finish, ensuring continuity
 All hosting solutions are installed and maintained with a proven high-availability technology provider that is regularly audited for industry standard security processes and procedures
 Custom reports are available on the progress of content reviews

Industry Standard Security Measures

The security of your case data and other client information is paramount. Keystone adheres to the most stringent security levels available, including:

 Intrusion  detection 24/7 for any intrusion attempts, alerts, or warnings
 Frequent  penetration testing by industry leading outside agencies
 Multi-Factor  authentication for all management systems
 All data  encrypted during flight and at rest; FIPS-140-2 encryption standard
 All hardware is  fully redundant with immediate failover capabilities within the facility
 SQL High  Availability for primary servers
 Full environment  replication to using SAN Replication
 Failover - RPO  (recovery point objective - 5 minutes), RTO (Recovery time objective 4 - Hours)

Unlock the possibilities - with Keystone.