Forensic Data Collections

The Key to unlocking hidden evidence.

 Keystone can rapidly and cost-effectively convert electronically stored information into a reviewable format, without jeopardizing chain-of-custody or risking spoliation. We work with your team to establish a review process to expeditiously classify key evidence. We can also use data forensics to gather evidence from a host of devices that utilize hard drives and flash storage, even if it seems to have been deleted or otherwise masked. All data is gathered in a manner that maintains chain of custody so it’s admissible in court. Forensics can be used to collect information from social media applications like Facebook and the cloud.

Working closely with some of America’s leading forensic providers, Keystone offers a host of data forensics services to empower you to collect and analyze electronically stored information. We work closely with your litigation team to build a comprehensive collection strategy, focused on essential data to control costs. Our team of forensic examiners aid clients in answering the “What, When and How” relating to activity on electronic storage devices and accounts. We:

Collect -- Forensically collect data from a vast array of sources, including local computers, email systems, networks, cell phones, external storage devices, social media and many others. Onsite, remote (working with internal IT team) and Data Collection Kit available.
Analyze -- Perform analysis to search for critical information. This includes finding efforts to misappropriate, hide and delete data.
Evaluate -- Perform a review of opposing expert’s reports. Aid clients during depositions and cross-examinations of opposing experts.
Testify -- Qualified expert witnesses will testify about their findings and communicate highly technical concepts in a clear and concise manner.

Our methods and tools are defensible and easily validated in court. We can integrate any data forensics findings with your other e-discovery to insure an efficient workflow.

Our data forensics services include:

 Audio/Video Searching
 Automobile Forensics
 Backup Tape Analysis
 Cell Phone and Mobile Device Forensics
 Cloud and Social Media Forensics
 Data Collection & Analysis
 Data Recovery
 Detailed Reports
 eMail and Social Media Forensics
 Expert Testimony & Reports
 Forensic Imaging
 Forensic Neutral Services
 Local and Network Forensics
 Network Forensics
 Rapid Response Teams
 Remote Collections
 Targeted Collections

Unlock the possibilities - with Keystone.