Trial Binders

Bespoke Hand-Crafted Perfection for Elite Legal Professionals

 Keystone Document Discovery stands at the forefront of delivering premier rush trial binder services, meticulously engineered to refine the litigation preparation workflow for law firms across the nation. Our unwavering commitment to expediency, impeccable quality, and unparalleled client satisfaction distinguishes us within the fervent arena of legal support services. Keystone is your quintessential partner for sophisticated trial printing and binder solutions.

Effortless Document Submission:

Keystone facilitates a streamlined document submission process. Legal professionals can seamlessly upload documents and exhibits through the "FILE UPLOAD" link, prominently featured at the upper right corner of our homepage, or via the direct link in our email signatures. We guarantee immediate communication, assuring confirmation of your submission promptly.

Tailored Customization and Versatility:

Recognizing the distinctive nature of each trial, Keystone presents a broad spectrum of customizable options for your trial binders:

 Varied Set Quantities: Specify the requisite number of sets, customizing each order to meet the exact requirements of your case.
 Printing Selections: Opt for color or black & white, single or double-sided printing to enhance the clarity and impact of your documents.
 Binder Personalization Choose from our selection of D-Ring Legal view binders available in black or white, complemented by a variety of low, high, and tailor-made tabs, binder dimensions, hues, and cover/spine designs.
 Bates Numbering: Our service includes precise Bates numbering for your exhibits, with or without prefixes, or sequential exhibit numbering for comprehensive organization.
 Meticulous Instructional Detail: We seek detailed instructions regarding tab range, due date/time, delivery specifics, billing information, and direct contact details for any inquiries beyond regular business hours.

Our cutting-edge production facility is perfectly equipped to process high-volume orders efficiently. With the capability to produce up to 80,000 black & white and 60,000 color pages daily, we ensure the swift fulfillment of even the most pressing demands.

Dependability and Client Contentment:

Keystone's dedication to reliability is absolute. We consistently achieve the timely delivery of superior-quality trial binders and printing services. The initiation of a Net 45-Days account from your inaugural order streamlines the billing process for a frictionless client experience.

Endorsed by Legal Professionals:

Our exceptional service quality is reflected by law firms like Greenberg Traurig, Chapman Glucksman, and Troy Gould with 4.9 and 5 star reviews on Yelp and Google, underscoring our commitment to excellence and value. Legal firms nationwide entrust Keystone with their trial preparation requisites, recognizing our professional acumen and extraordinary client service.

Select Keystone Document Discovery for all your trial printing and binder requirements. Entrust us with your trial materials and enjoy the confidence of knowing they are managed with expert care, allowing you to concentrate on your paramount task—securing favorable case outcomes.

Unlock the possibilities - with Keystone.