Paper Discovery & Scanning

The Key to Taming Your Paper Dragons

 Keystone first made its name providing litigation support services to law firms and corporations around Southern California in 1993. Many cases today begin with e-discovery. But paper-based litigation support still plays an important role in many matters. Whether it’s helping you prepare for a paper-based trial or scanning and coding your documents for an industry standard database package, Keystone can provide a full complement of traditional lit support services.

Paper Discovery Services

 Legal Copying/Printing
 On-Site Copying
 Color Laser Copying
 Large Format/blueprints
 Trial Exhibit Boards
 Trial Presentation Equipment (Elmo's, TV, LCD Projectors, Videos, 3D Animation)
 Preprinted & Custom Tabs
 All Sizes Black and White Slant D-Ring Legal View Binders
 All Types of Folders, Red Welds & Press Boards
 All Types of Bindings
 Hole Punching

Scanning and Coding Services

 On-Site and In-House Scanning & Archiving
 TIFF, PDF, or Specified Image Format
 Black & White and Color Oversize Posters
 Electronic Bates Labeling/Stamping (EBS)
 OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
 Coding (Objective and Subjective) with Logical Document Determination (LDD)
 Hybrid/Online Coding
 In-text Coding
 Bibliographic Coding
 Keyword Coding
 Bates Coding
 Auto Coding
 Custom Load File Creation (Concordance, Summation, Ringtail, etc.)
 Concordance or Summation Database Creation
 Project Management and Document Integration Consultation
 Image Processing
 PDF Processing
 Hyperlinking and Bookmarking Services

Unlock the possibilities - with Keystone.