Legal Hold Solutions

The Key to Streamlining the Creation, Distribution and Tracking of Legal Holds.

 Managing legal holds is an onerous – but necessary – task to avoid the spoliation of potentially relevant discovery documents. In the early stages of coordinating legal holds, email and spreadsheets may seem up to the task. But oftentimes, such ad hoc systems can be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of required holds.

Keystone can greatly streamline your legal hold process. Using software systems designed exclusively for creating, distributing and tracking activities, we can help you create a repeatable process to respond to legal holds that automate the litigation response flow in a completely defensible manner. With Keystone, you can save time and resources while meeting all compliance requirements. We can:

Preserve and collect data in a defensible manner

Ee automate the collection process to create a complete and defensible preservation audit trail so you can rest easy. Our systems automatically apply preservation holds on data collections, and prepare data sets for processing and review.

Automate response workflow

Speaking to each custodian about their paper and electronic documents can benefit the legal hold process, but is a great drain of employee time. Our software systems rapidly launch litigation holds and custodian questionnaires. Custodians can respond at their convenience from any device, and are provided with reminders. Administrator can track compliance.

Easy custodian review

We deploy a portal where your custodians can review their obligations and take any additional required actions. Custodians see only what they need to see to facilitate action.

Unlock the possibilities - with Keystone.